Kayaking in the Walvis Bay lagoon is one of the most awesome experiences ever.

A great experience from beginning to end


Pelican Point is a great place to see marine life in Walvis Bay—a colony of thousands of Cape Fur seals makes its home there year-round. This tour takes you along the lagoon and salt mines to the point in a 4x4 vehicle and provides the kayaking know-how to cruise the protected part of the peninsula near the colony. For those who love to be outdoors, surrounded by animals, and without causing explicit alterations to the routine of these natural creatures.

Pelican Point provides a home to thousands Cape Fur seals, lots of Heaviside's and Bottle-nose dolphins, black-backed jackals, flamingos and pelicans


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Home to Great and Lesser flamingos, Damara terns, pelicans, avocets and numerous migrant water birds, the Walvis Bay Lagoon is one of the richest and most important wetlands in southern Africa

- Pink Salt Lakes in Walvis Bay are the most instagrammable lakes

- Jackals and Seals roam the beach freely 

- pelican point home to 50000 cape fur seals

- Kayaking between seals and sometimes bottlenose dolphins

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Water, juice and beer

Necessary Gear

We provide you with a floating and leak free kayak and safety gear but here is a short list of what you need to bring....

  • Bring warm clothing.

  • A camera to capture the awesome scenery and your friends if the tip over.

  • a hat to protect you from the sun.

  • Sunscreen as our Namibian sun can be really harsh

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