Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Luderitz are the 3 best spots in Namibia for Kiteboarding. Walvis Bay and Swakopmund are 30 kilometers apart and has more than 9 excellent kite spots to choose from. Namibia's original Speedstrip in Walvis Bay still boasts the fastest ever sailing speed record. The Vestas Sailrocket 2 attained 55.32 knots (102.45 km/h) on a one-mile and simultaneously 59.38 knots (109.97 km/h) on 500m. On 24 November 2012, with wind speeds at roughly 25 knots (46 km/h), it ran the 500m course at 65.45 knots (121.21 km/h) with a 68.01 knots (125.95 km/h) peak. Both records are ratified by the WSSRC for the 500m and the mile. The Speedstrip is easily reached and enjoyed on a kite from the launch spot at the Walvis Bay Kite Centre. Another excellent spot within easy reach is the legendary Donkey Bay. Easily the best "Left" in Africa and maybe the world for surfers and kiters. Down winders from Sandwich Harbour to Donkey Bay are amazing for the views and the kiting. The lagoon is arguably the best and safest spot in the world for beginners to start their kiting life. Constant wind and warmish water make it a great place for teaching. We have fully qualified IKO instructors and kiteboarding & windsurfing equipment for rent.

Luderitz, even though in the middle of nowhere, is a must spot to visit for any kiter. This is the current spot for the world speed kiteboarders and windsurfers to come together at the end of each year to see if they can be the best in the world. Even if not a speed freak Luderitz offers amazing flat water and wave spots with probably the best wind in the world. Most days start with 9-meter kites and quickly moves on to 7's and 6's.  It is something to behold. Strong constant wind to die for. 

We offer a kiting trip to take you to all the spots. We are true kiters ourselves and our trips aim to find the wind at whichever spot it is on the day. The tours are very flexible just for that fact. It is a Kiting Safari not to be missed.


Beginner or advanced



The kite spots in Walvis Bay range from waves to "vleis" and lagoons.  The south of the lagoon is perfect for beginners. The north of the lagoon to the speed strip is for more experienced kiters and windsurfers alike. The speed strip is flat, the wind comes back side-on and the body of water is ideal for speed, big air and freestyle.

Although the sea is cold (15 °c in the ocean), it heats up as you enter the lagoon, reaching about 22 °c in the summer.

You will find large stretches of green grass and open ground to take off and land. The Walvis Bay Kite Centre is perfectly situated next to the lagoon with a safe grass landing area. The centre has all the amenities you need. Kiting and windsurfing gear are available for rent at the centre. 


The kite spots in Swakopmund are mostly wave spots and therefore only suited for advanced riders. The same goes for the spots north and south of Swakopmund. The predominant wind here is Sideshore or Side-on.


The kite spots in Luderitz range from waves to lagoons.  Due to the severity of the wind in Luderitz, it is mostly a destination for intermediate and advanced riders. Second lagoon is flat, the wind comes back side-on and the body of water is ideal for speed, big air and freestyle. Grosse/Stormvogel Bucht and Guano/Shearwater Bay are excellent spots for waves and big air. Grosse Bucht has Onshore wind and the other 3 have Offshore wind. 

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If you are a true kiteboarding or windsurfing enthusiast EVERYTHING will be a highlight.  From the beautiful sites & spots, to the fabulous weather conditions, to the personal attention, will make this a trip you will never forget.

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Necessary Gear

For this one you need to bring your own gear and kites, and wetsuits.  Don't forget a GoPro or suitable camera equipment to capture all your thrilling rides and plenty of memorable moments

Please note you can also hire all kiting gear from us at an extra cost.


  • Bring a hat.

  • Bring some good high factor sunscreen to protect you against the harsh Namibian sun.

  • Bring some warm clothes for before and after your surfing session...

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